Pack Away Hunger - Testimonials

Individuals and Community Groups

Thanks to each of you! It is a great cause and well run event! Our children loved getting to do it at school and as a family on Saturday!
The Olin Family

"The Xtreme girls, parents and coaches had a great time and can't wait to do it again! Thanks for making it a great experience!"

Whytnie Van Meter Schaney


"This was a great way to bring students and the community together, and everyone who participated learned a lot. It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning."

Chris Sheid - St. Mary Medical Center

 "I brought 3 different groups of executives to Pack Away Hunger and we did a morning strategy session and then in the afternoon we spent 2 hours packing 3,500 meals. It's a great facility, the team is fun to work with and we were able to raise almost $5,000 and pack over 10,000 meals with just 2 hours each day. My teams loved it. In a short time busy executives were able to do something meaningful to give back and include some team building in the process."

Stephen McFarland - Vistage Chair

Pack Away Hunger is a great opportunity for groups to give back and build teamwork as they build meals for those in need.

Sara Clem - Salesforce

“Zotec has a passion to give back and make a positive difference in the lives of others, and together with our employees and Pack Away Hunger, we were able to provide authentic and sustainable help to our global community for the cause of hunger. Our commitment to social responsibility and serving communities in need lies at the heart of everything we do, and we’re thankful for organizations like Pack Away Hunger, who give us the ability to facilitate change and impact lives for the better.” T. Scott Law - Zotec Founder

"Our company was looking for a way to serve our local community and we found Pack Away Hunger. We love the cause of their mission, to improve the lives of children and the underprivileged through nutrition. As a food and beverage manufacturer, we were honored to serve our local community through an organization that shares our same dedication to quality. Pack Away Hunger is filling in the gap for many needy families not only locally, but across the globe." Katy Chichwak - Heartland Food Products Group

Food Pantries

"I have a big family of 10 and I use Nutri-Plenty for everything.  It stretches my ingredients to feed that many people and my family likes it.  For example, I add 1 lb hamburger, corn & taco seasoning and call it our taco mix.  I use it to make chili.  I use it in the sauce for chicken and biscuits.  There are many days I wouldn't be able to feed everyone in the family if I didn't have Nutri-Plenty to stretch the ingredients.  I like the new package too.  We really appreciate you providing Nutri-Plenty to our family." Karen, Client of the Inter Church Food Pantry of Johnson County



“An awesome experience that allowed us to all gather together to serve and provide resources to those in need. Thank you PAH for all that you do. Thank you to the coordinators for all the hard work they provided - Craig and Mary are the BOMB!! Kerry Carmichael - Emmanuel Church Greenwood Indiana

On a purely objective level, it’s fairly easy to be impressed with just the facts: your nutritional formula, cost-effectiveness, distribution network, and the amazing impact the meals have in literally saving lives and restoring health. What has impressed me beyond any expectation, however, is the equally amazing impact on children and families who participate together in packing events. There is a palpable transformative energy that is very different than other “service projects” I have experienced. There are kids in my church whose worldview has been forever changed by their participation. 

Pastor Dave Schreiber
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Indianapolis, IN

Pack Away Hunger is a fantastic way for people of all ages to keep their hearts and hands busy in meeting needs in our local community and beyond.
Jeffrey Alexander
Mount Olive Lutheran Church
Greenwood, IN

International Parnters

The partnership we have is great. It's a blessing that we can receive the food, which enables us to support our kids as they go to school. Our goal is that they will eat that food to be able to learn and as they finish high school they will not be depending on that food anymore, because they will have a job, trade and take care of their own family. It's like pouring a concrete pillar, the food is just like the scaffolding around it, we pour it, and then after awhile we can remove the scaffolding and it will stand on itself. 

Pastor Pierre, Nehemiah Vision Ministries, Chambrun Haiti


Thank you for bringing Pack Away Hunger to Baldwin Wallace University! I was such a pleasure meeting you. We are grateful for your partnership and extremely impressed by your entire operation. Working with your organization was such a pleasure from the very first phone call to the actual event. Julie Robinson, Associate Director of Community Outreach

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